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  • Excellent work, Jay. You managed to get tears to our eyes. Loved it :)))
    Nikita Parikh, Bride
  • I just can't seem to stop watching this Jay .... You have out done yourself. The wait was sure worth it. This was very emotional, touchy, beautiful, and brings back the wedding celebrations! Thank you!
    Era Wadhwa, Team Bride
  • Words cannot express how beautifully this was done.
    Sonam Vohra, Bride
  • I have been up since 7 am and I have watched it over 8 times till now!!! This is beyond beyond beautiful!!!
    Aparna Kaushik, Team Groom
  • We LOVE it! Our heart beats are all "dhak-dhak-dhak"!
    Shreyans Kothary, Groom
  • Jay this is just not fair!!! Really!! What kind of a video is this??? LOL... You got us crying!!! We love love love love the video fantastic... hugs!!! 20th time already... sitting with tissues!
    Meghal Mehta, Bride
  • Can't stop watching this! Amazing job, Jay. Thank you for capturing all these precious moments from the most amazing wedding ever!
    Shina Vohra, Team Bride
  • Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories of my wedding.
    Payal Gupta, Bride
  • Kudos to you Jay, your team has done it again. To all future brides and grooms - your search for the best wedding photographer in Mumbai ends here.
    Siddharth Sethi, Wedding Planner
  • Jay, loved the video! Fabulous! You captured the real emotion and essence of the wedding very beautifully.
    Jasleen Wadhwa, Team Bride
  • I got goosebumps. Unbelievably Mind Blowing <3
    Rahul Gupta, Team Bride
  • Absolutely loved it. Enjoy this wonderful video that gives memoirs of a super awesome wedding. Please do justice by watching in full resolution!
    Karan Dhawan, Groom
  • This is so romantic... It's really nice to know that 'True Love stories' still exist in today's day and age.
    Natasha Mendes, Team Bride
  • Beautiful memories, and even more beautiful captures.
    Jinal Avlani, Bride

Flgroe Studios is a team of wedding photographers in Mumbai, specializing in candid and contemporary shooting style.

At every wedding we shoot, we obsessively and relentlessly strive to capture images that will evoke lasting memories. Images that creatively capture moments of happiness, love, overwhelming joy, and of the mad fun times. The walking down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the auspicious day that is your marriage. A pretty page in the story of your life, as captured through the lens of a professional.

As trained cameramen with artsy outlooks

, we always strive to make a picture rather than take a picture. Perfect shots of perfect moments with perfect framing and composition. When the celebrations and ceremonies are done, the guests have retired, and the bridal dress is hung-up, only those phenomenal memories of the festivities remain. It is then that those wedding photos become more important that ever as you cannot redo that magical day! Having over a 100 weddings under our belt, you can breathe easy knowing your wedding photography is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

We love working with brides and grooms

who have high artistic expectations and a willingness to collaborate with us to create beautiful and meticulously crafted photos and film. We are proud to say that we have often made lasting friendships with our couples. We are based in Mumbai, but we love destination weddings, and won’t hesitate to travel to the ends of the earth if that’s where you’re getting married. It is a serious responsibility to be assigned the task of documenting a wedding and one that we undertake with great commitment.

Candid Photography

What does candid photography mean?

While the term literally means photography sans posing, at Flgroe our intention is to make it a little more personal and creative. We’re all about capturing your love in the best possible way.

Our candid wedding photography aims to do just that.

To be an exclusive memoir of your most special moments and an honest diary of your experiences. We aim to sincerely portray the people in the frame, their personalities, and what is happening on that special day in technically perfect and creatively pleasing compositions. Our images and films always have a strong emotional connection to those in it. We make people look good against elaborate and expensive things as opposed to placing them as small accessories in wide elaborate frames. While we aim to shoot unobtrusively, we are happy to step in if our guidance in posing is needed!

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Wedding Cinematography


is more than about having steady hands and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s about having a great perspective on how to tell a story. There’s something special about being able to capture moments continuously, more so than photos. Wedding videography gives you a whole new way of looking back at your day.

As wedding cinematographers

, we have to get it right in just one take. We have an incredibly talented and passionate shooters team of wedding photographers in Mumbai that make this happen. Custom directed to bring out the beauty of each wedding and personalities of the people in love, this is one of our primary focus as artists.

Your story is unique, as should be your wedding video. Accordingly, each highlight film and documentary cut is edited to make you the stars of your own movie. Often the most memorable footage from the wedding is that of outspoken interviews and humorous confessions! Pre-wedding videos, proposals, wedding invites, if you have a something to say cinema could be your medium.

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Want a little extra?

Themed and styled photo shoots are a chance for brides and grooms to get creative with us. This is the newest addition to the portfolios of wedding photographers in Mumbai and arguably the most fun! If you like fun or drama, we’re game. If private and intimate is your style, we love you too. Doing the things you love with the love of your life and having it documented by a professional photographer is how we think every wedding story should begin.

For the bride and groom a special photoshoot is often a way to announce their love to the world, for us it’s another way of telling your story tastefully. If you have something on your mind that you want to turn into pictures, tell us, if not, ask us, we’re teeming with ideas.

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The Photographer

“Hi. Thanks for stopping by. We like to think of our work as a result of passion, inspiration, and hard work. Hope you enjoy it. Happy exploring! Cheers.”
-Jay Kaul

Jay has acquired his learning and skills working with some of the best photographers and directors in the country, to produce work of the highest standards for advertising agencies, magazines and A-list celebrities. We believe our early exposure to the highest standards in making images and film lends us perspective on how we see and execute our art. Our vision, as a leading wedding photographer in Mumbai, is to create images and films for wedding clients that are on par with the visual standards of commercial fashion and advertising industry.

“Assisting one of the best lensmen in the country and shooting independently since, Jay is best known for uncompromising standards and integrity of style and substance. Choosing quality over quantity and creativity over cash, their portfolio is a peek at the potential.”
-Richard Coleman

Wedding Photographers in Mumbai.

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