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  • Excellent work, Jay. You managed to get tears to our eyes. Loved it :)))
    Nikita Parikh, Bride
  • I just can't seem to stop watching this Jay .... You have out done yourself. The wait was sure worth it. This was very emotional, touchy, beautiful, and brings back the wedding celebrations! Thank you!
    Era Wadhwa, Team Bride
  • Words cannot express how beautifully this was done.
    Sonam Vohra, Bride
  • I have been up since 7 am and I have watched it over 8 times till now!!! This is beyond beyond beautiful!!!
    Aparna Kaushik, Team Groom
  • We LOVE it! Our heart beats are all "dhak-dhak-dhak"!
    Shreyans Kothary, Groom
  • Jay this is just not fair!!! Really!! What kind of a video is this??? LOL... You got us crying!!! We love love love love the video fantastic... hugs!!! 20th time already... sitting with tissues!
    Meghal Mehta, Bride
  • Can't stop watching this! Amazing job, Jay. Thank you for capturing all these precious moments from the most amazing wedding ever!
    Shina Vohra, Team Bride
  • Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories of my wedding.
    Payal Gupta, Bride
  • Kudos to you Jay, your team has done it again. To all future brides and grooms - your search for the best wedding photographer in Mumbai ends here.
    Siddharth Sethi, Wedding Planner
  • Jay, loved the video! Fabulous! You captured the real emotion and essence of the wedding very beautifully.
    Jasleen Wadhwa, Team Bride

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Karan Dhawan
I met Jay when he was just one wedding old, however he was an obvious choice once I met him and went through his work . I think jay as a photographer is a bride's delight . He has it in him to up the ante when it comes to photographing women. I guess that comes to him naturally since he is an ex-fashion photographer. One of the vivid memories I have of him, is him climbing almost on my shoulders to grab a shot. The end result was a super candid shot that has made it to his cover on this particular profile . The other thing that my family and I did appreciate was the fact that he represented each and every member of my immediate as well as my extended family to the fullest allowing each and every 1 in the wedding to have at least one memorable shot to take home with them. This is very important because in between all the candid shots that photographers take these days, they miss out on people which are truly the most vital clog in the event. To add to this the video that he made was truly the "highlight", pun intended. He collaborated well with me and my now wife to create a masterpiece that is for all to see. All in all thank you Jay, for making my wife look even more gorgeous than she already is and for capturing the true essence of what my wedding was all about in addition to creating memories for me and my family to cherish for a lifetime . If you as a prospective client are reading this testimony, be rest assured and hand your photography woes to this guy so that you have one less thing to worry about on your "D DAY".

Karan Dhawan
Aditya Sharma
To begin with, Jay is an amazing guy to work with. Very professional and very straightforward, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He sat me down and asked me to trust him to take care of the whole thing and I'm glad I listened. The pre-wedding shoot was his idea although we initially didn't plan on doing it. I'm glad I decided to do it for my now wife, as we have certainly gained some of the most beautiful images of our young selves. I'm a bit of an image maker myself and I remember being amazed by his skill and knowledge of photography. It was interesting to see him shoot us against the light instead of in front of it and when I saw the results I had a grin on my face. We showed the images to my mom the same night and I remember how happy she was to see them. I also want to give praises to his young and dedicated team with whom it was very comfortable and easy to shoot. All of my wedding events we covered very thoroughly and more importantly each member of my family has lots of pictures of themselves from the wedding. The wedding videos were amazing as well. Overall, we are all very happy with the output and I highly recommend Jay to those wanting to work with him.

Aditya Sharma


At every wedding we shoot, we obsessively and relentlessly strive to capture images that will evoke lasting memories. Photographs that creatively capture moments of happiness, love, overwhelming joy, and of the mad fun times. The walking down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the auspicious day that is your marriage. A pretty page in the story of your life, as captured through the lens of a professional.

As trained cameramen with artsy outlooks, we always strive to make a picture rather than take a picture. Perfect shots of perfect moments with perfect framing and composition. When the celebrations and ceremonies are done, the guests have retired, and the bridal dress is hung-up, only those phenomenal memories of the festivities remain. It is then that those wedding photographs become more important that ever as you cannot redo that magical day! Having over a 100 weddings under our belt, you can breathe easy knowing your wedding photography is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

We love working with brides and grooms who have high artistic expectations and a willingness to collaborate with us to create beautiful and meticulously crafted photos and film. We are proud to say that we have often made lasting friendships with our couples. We are based in Mumbai, but we love destination weddings, and won’t hesitate to travel to the ends of the earth if that’s where you’re getting married. It is a serious responsibility to be assigned the task of documenting a wedding and one that we undertake with great commitment.

Our Services

Candid wedding photography

Composed unposed, and frozen in time

What does candid photography mean? While the term literally means photography sans posing, at Flgroe our intention is to make it a little more personal and creative. We’re all about capturing your love in the best possible way.

Our candid photography aims to do just that. To be an exclusive memoir of your most special moments and an honest diary of your experiences. We aim to sincerely portray the people in the frame, their personalities, and what is happening on that special day in technically perfect and creatively pleasing compositions. Our photography and films always have a strong emotional connection to those in it. We make people look good against elaborate and expensive things as opposed to placing them as small accessories in wide elaborate frames. While we aim to shoot unobtrusively, we are happy to step in if our guidance in posing is needed!

While you finally get to live the special day you looked forward to for so long, we work tirelessly making sure you remember it well afterwards. Candid photography definitely has its advantages over traditional photography in terms of being a more accurate documentary. Aside from that, our non-interruptive and unobtrusive style of photography means that you can enjoy your day as it was meant to be enjoyed. In the end our goal is that every important moment and all your near and dear ones are captured in a beautiful frame.

On the other hand themed and styled photography is a chance for brides and grooms to get creative with us. This is the newest addition to the portfolios of wedding photographers and arguably the most fun! If you like fun or drama, we’re game. If private and intimate photography is your style, we love you too. Doing the things you love with the love of your life and having it documented by a professional photographer is how we think every wedding story should begin.

For the bride and groom a special photo-shoot is often a way to announce their love to the world, for us it’s another way of telling your story tastefully with photography. If you have something on your mind that you want to turn into pictures, tell us, if not, ask us, we’re teeming with ideas.

Wedding cinematography

Telling stories with video

Film-making is about more than having steady hands and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s about having a great perspective on how to tell a story. There’s something special about being able to capture moments continuously, more so than photos. Wedding videography gives you a whole new way of looking back at your day.

Just as with wedding photography the standards of wedding video have risen in the past few years. Wedding films have come a long way from the dull, continuous, single-perspective footage they used to be, to something more personal and cinematic. It is not unusual to see filming gear used for movie productions present at weddings. Flgroe Studios strives to produce engaging content that is both entertaining and has sentimental value for the viewers, with quality at par with international standards.

As wedding cinematographers, we have to get it right in just one take. We have a team of incredibly talented and passionate shooters that make this happen. Custom directed to bring out the beauty of each wedding and personalities of the people in love, this is one of our primary focus as artists.

The job isn’t over with the shoot though. The magic continues behind the scenes. Our talented film-makers spend hours after hours sorting and filtering your footage, looking for those tiny moments in between all the madness. A glance, a smile, a moment of raw emotion breaking through the surface. This is then artfully put together to make the one edit that will truly be the essence of what your day was about. This is what we believe tells your story, this is what we worked for.

Your story is unique, as should be your wedding video. Accordingly, each highlight film and documentary cut is edited to make you the stars of your own movie. Often the most memorable moments from the wedding are that of outspoken interviews and humorous confessions! Pre-wedding videos, proposals, wedding invites, if you have a something to say cinema could be your medium.

Pre-wedding photography

This is where it begins

Pre-wedding shoots are definitely an opportunity for couples to indulge in their vanity, have fun, and get some beautiful pictures clicked in an informal setup. This is a good time for couples to get comfortable being photographed as well as get tips on how to look good for the camera. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the couple to take a breather from the hustle bustle of planning the wedding and spend some quality time together. All you need is a few hours and a great attitude.

Planning is an important part of the process to get the most out of a pre-wedding shoot. At Flgroe, we approach our pre-wedding shoots with the objective of taking images that not only make the couple look their fabulous best but also to capture images that they’d love to show to friends and family to celebrate their young love. We endeavor to make images that will be forever special and hopefully make them go gooey for one another throughout their married life.

A lot of the times couples know exactly what they want, but do not sweat if you don’t! We encourage couples to share their story and their inspirations for the shoot and work with them to create fun and interesting images. Simple is beautiful too! Sometimes the best images are made when the two of you are simply basking in each other’s company!

We like to brainstorm with our couples to pick a suitable shoot location. If they have a special attachment to a specific location in their love story, we try to weave it into the concept of the shoot. We like and suggest locations which have visuals that add an element of interest to the images. This can be interesting lines forming at the steps of Asiatic library in Mumbai or the majestic background of lakes and mountains in Leh. Our job is to able to envision what framing will look good.

We also discuss with the couple regarding what vibe/initial impression they what the images to convey.
Posing is the part most couples say they feared the most. You will quickly forget your fears as you enjoy the shoot experience with us. We guide you as to what will look good, not straying too far from your comfort zone. The posing should really be a reflection of who you are as a couple.

We almost always shoot very early in the morning if we are shooting at locations inside cities as it would get uncomfortably crowded otherwise. The results of a pre-wedding shoot really depends on the couple themselves and how completely comfortable they are with each other and with being photographed. The most important factor to get the best pictures is to just have a whole lot of fun on the day and let the candid nature of the moments be captured by a pro in a beautiful location, wearing nice clothes, and feeling fabulous. We suggest clothes and accessories accordingly. If they you want to, we bring in the help of professional stylists and makeup artists to elevate these contributing factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Flgroe mean?

Flgroe, derived from the latin term ‘fulgurous’, means something characteristic of or resembling lightning, like a flash, something that is meant to be brilliant and awe inspiring.

What is your style?

Photography cannot be limited by a genre. We believe that images must speak volumes – about who you are individually, as a couple and all the big and small things on your wedding day. While the majority of the photography is candid, we do believe that there is a time and place for some posed shots that would make your wedding photography more well-rounded. We shoot unobtrusively, while events are in progress. The goal is to have wedding images that are a documentary of the wedding day and a showcase of the love between the two of you.

How much do you charge?

Our objective is to provide our couples the best value for their money. Take a look at the in depth page on packages and pricing.

How long have you been in the business?

We have been shooting weddings since 2012.

How many people would be shooting my event?

This depends upon the extent of coverage you desire. We usually advise our couples on the ideal number of shooters after having an in depth understanding of their requirements.

Will all the photographs be edited?

Usually a pre-agreed upon number of selected images are edited. These can range from about 200 to even a 1000 per event. All the shot images are delivered in high resolution as well.

Do you travel? And how far?

We frequently travel to shoot and the distance does not really matter. Travel and stay expenses are billed for a direct reimbursement.

What is the scope of coverage?

Coverage includes but is not limited to – the bride and groom getting ready (if at venue), all the beautiful décor shots, detail shots, candids and group shots of all the family and friends, shots of the couple’s entry, candids of the couple, engagement, cake-cutting, speeches, stage performances, audience, candids of people dancing, the couple dancing, baarat, baarat arrival & receiving, varmala exchange, all mandap ceremonies, families blessing the couple, family portrait pics, vidaai etc.

Do you outsource your editing work?

All editing is done in-house to ensure consistency in style and substance.

How long do deliveries take?

You will receive all shot images for selection soon after the event. Final edits will be delivered within 3 months. Please note that during high season this can sometimes take longer – but the wait shall be worth it!

Who holds the copyright on the content?

As the creator of the images we hold the copyright. We do not sell or transfer copyrights. This is a standard and industry-wide practice. But you have the rights to share and print them as much as you’d like!

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes! Please head over to wedding albums and print.

Is it possible to hold a date?

We accept bookings on a first come first served basis only.

What are the terms of payment?

We ask for a 50% advance at the time of confirmation. A 30% payment before the first shoot begins. And the remaining 20% after the previews are delivered. Advances are non-refundable.

How soon should we book?

As soon as possible! Inquiries for shoots during the peak wedding season start coming in as early as 6 months prior.

What cameras/lenses do you use?

The latest and the best! Please be rest assured that if we consider our equipment to be good enough for the shoot, it most likely is. Generally speaking, it is not the equipment but the person holding it that makes the image!

Do I have a say in the making of my highlight video?

Of course! The video is for your consumption and we do not stop until you are happy. We treat each assignment uniquely and customize the style as per the couples tastes. You can tell us what you would like to see (or not see) in your video as well as your preferences in music or editing style. We suggest that you let us know this as early as possible to facilitate a speedy delivery.

Have more questions?

Please do not hesitate and contact us!