Candid Wedding Photography by Flgroe Studios Mumbai

A few couples we had the pleasure of shooting. Each wedding very different from the other.

What does candid photography mean? While the term literally means photography sans posing, at Flgroe our intention is to make it a little more personal and creative. We’re all about capturing your love in the best possible way.

Our photography and films always have a strong emotional connection to those in it. We like to make people look good against elaborate and expensive things, as opposed to placing them as small accessories in wide elaborate frames.

Candid photography definitely has its advantages over traditional photography in terms of being a more accurate documentary. An exclusive memoir of your most special moments and an honest diary of your experiences. We aim to sincerely portray the people in the frame, their personalities, and what is happening on that special day in technically perfect and creatively pleasing compositions.

Aside from that, our non-interruptive and unobtrusive style of photography means that you can enjoy your day as it was meant to be enjoyed. While we aim to shoot unobtrusively, we are happy to step in if our guidance in posing is needed!

While you finally get to live the special day you looked forward to for so long, we work tirelessly making sure you remember it well afterwards. In the end our goal is that every important moment and all your near and dear ones are captured in a beautiful frame.