Wedding Cinematography by Flgroe Studios Mumbai

Highlight videos and same-day edits.

Film-making is about more than having steady hands and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s about having a great perspective on how to tell a story. There’s something special about being able to capture moments continuously, more so than photos. Wedding videography gives you a whole new way of looking back at your day.

Just as with wedding photography the standards of wedding video have risen in the past few years. Wedding films have come a long way from the dull, continuous, single-perspective footage they used to be, to something more personal and cinematic. It is not unusual to see filming gear used for movie productions present at weddings. Flgroe Studios strives to produce engaging content that is both entertaining and has sentimental value for the viewers, with quality at par with international standards.

As wedding cinematographers, we have to get it right in just one take. We have a team of incredibly talented and passionate shooters that make this happen. Custom directed to bring out the beauty of each wedding and personalities of the people in love, this is one of our primary focus as artists.

The job isn’t over with the shoot though. The magic continues behind the scenes. Our talented film-makers spend hours after hours sorting and filtering your footage, looking for those tiny moments in between all the madness. A glance, a smile, a moment of raw emotion breaking through the surface. This is then artfully put together to make the one edit that will truly be the essence of what your day was about. This is what we believe tells your story, this is what we worked for.

Your story is unique, as should be your wedding video. Accordingly, each highlight film and documentary cut is edited to make you the stars of your own movie. Often the most memorable moments from the wedding are that of outspoken interviews and humorous confessions! Pre-wedding videos, proposals, wedding invites, if you have a something to say cinema could be your medium.