How to Look Your Best in Wedding Photos!

January 26, 2018

A couple we shot keeps a small wedding album on display in their living room. The album’s cover features a formal photograph of them, standing side by side, looking dazed and excited. On a nearby wall hangs a framed picture taken moments after the wedding. In it they’re laughing–the husband giggling and looking to the side, the wife with her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open wide.

photographer shooting couple's wedding
Don’t Forget To Smile! You’re On Camera!

Whenever new friends visit the house, the album and the picture are among the first things they comment on. Although there is a pleasure to be derived from sharing our wedding photos with others, their real value is more personal:

They let you relive a very special moment from your past.

That is why photographs are important: Aside from allowing you to share your wedding with others, these images serve to remind you of the love you have for each other, the commitment you both made, and the fun you had celebrating your love. This is one reason why so much importance is placed on wedding photography. The other reason is pure enjoyment: It’s downright delightful to pore over pictures of yourselves looking so gorgeous.

But what if you hate the way you look in photos? Sure, we all do sometimes spend time wishing we looked different. But it’s easier and far more pleasant to accept your looks.


Tips on how to look your best in wedding photos:

Care for your skin.

Since skin glitches, dark circles, and extra kilos are common bridal complaints, practice a bit of advance prevention. In the weeks before the wedding, visit a dermatologist or esthetician.

Don’t crash diet.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and find yourself a sensible way to shed a few pounds and tone up. Slow and steady is the only surefire way to coddle your looks–fast fixes may treat one area, but invariably throw another out of whack. For instance, the fad diet may help drop ten pounds fast, but it could leave your skin a mess and your hair brittle and thinning.

Be yourself.

The fussier you make your hair, makeup, and clothing, the more likely they are to photograph “strangely.”

Recognize good lighting.

When posing outdoors, head for the shade. The bright sun casts shadows, emphasizes lines and blotches, and distorts facial features.

Use what worked in the past.

Look at old photos and identify which poses always work for you, and which didn’t. Remember those flattering poses at your wedding when the camera begins flashing. This is the time to turn on the style!

Take a cue from celebrities!

If you need it, here’s a slimming pose: Turn your hips at a right angle to the camera. Leave your shoulders squared forward. This is called the “celebrity twist”. We probably don’t need to tell you why.

Relax and have fun.

Let the sincere nature of the moment allowed to be captured by your photographer! A woman who is calm and happy is always more beautiful than a woman who is uptight and self-concerned. This is one of those unexplainable but true adages that are easy to prove: Just go out into the street and look around.