Wedding Photography Poses for the Indian Bride: Pose like a Pro!

October 23, 2019

Brides! We’re all about capturing authentic moments beautifully, but a little preparation never hurt anyone! We have here some real brides showing you how it’s done. An arsenal of tips and ideas for wedding photography poses to back you up! Keep this shot list handy for D-Day.


  1. Wedding Photography Poses: Twirling brides

    There could not be a better way to show off your outfit! ‘The bigger the better’ applies here.
    Pro tip: if you start to feel dizzy from the twirling, stop and start twirling in the other direction. (Just kidding.)

    Do keep that smile on your face for some truly dazzling pictures.

  2. Winking Brides

    Ditch the serious and go for playful for your wedding photography. There’s something so charming about brides who let that inner child come out to play for photos! Nice way to shake off those pre-wedding jitters too.

    Get dressed early with some time on hand to schedule this special bridal photo session.

  3. Hand shots

    This is a great way of creatively capturing your Mehendi and hand-jewelry. A shallow lens artistically blurs out everything but your hands, emphasizing them. A definite keeper for the albums.

    In general, it is a good idea for the photographer to get a lot of detail shots of everything you wore. After all, you spent a lot of time planning out each one of those small things, you need great pictures to remember them well years after.

  4. Wedding Photography Poses: Putting on jewelry 

    While we’re on the topic of jewelry, let’s not miss out shots of you putting it on! It’s ok if someone else did it for you, you can always fake it for the picture! No one has to know!

    Focus on one piece of jewelry for each picture and you will have some beautiful close-ups for keepsakes.

  5. A classic holding-the-veil shot

    There’s something unmistakably royal about this bridal close-up. If you’ve seen a Rajasthani Bani Thani painting, this portrait is going to give you a strong recollection of that. And that’s what we’re going for. Timeless.

    Be fun and creative with your bridal shoot, but throw in a couple of traditional poses like this one too.

  6. The ‘surrounded’ bride shot

    You saw this here first. Round up all your girls, and moms and aunts, for this one. Then let us shoot away while they ooh and ahh over you. We’d like to say this one’s a Flgroe-original.

    The blushing dulhan with her near and dear ones in one picture, before she heads down to receive her baraat. Fun and unique!

  7. Checking yourself out in the mirror 

    It is completely justified to obsess over your looks on your wedding day. In fact, it is encouraged.

    This one perfectly portrays the apprehension every bride goes through moments before she is about to step out. Making sure everything has been done to perfection.

  8. Wedding Photography Poses: Over-the-shoulder shot

    This one is the most flattering pose for all brides. It shows off your side profile as well as your hairdo. Make sure you’ve got your good side forward!

    This is a great way to get a close up of your earrings, that may be missed in a frontal shot, or the pattern of the back of your outfit.

  9. Being kissed on both cheeks

    This one takes the awww-ard for being the cutest bridal wedding pose of the lot! Very easy to mark off your checklist too.

    You’re the bride and the center of all the attention!

  10. The bride-chilla entry

    Why should grooms have all the fun, we say? Break the Indian wedding norms and have a coolest-entry competition with your husband-to-be. You can compare pictures after the wedding to see who won!

That’s it, folks! Keep watching this space for more Indian bridal wedding photography posing inspiration!