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Jay as a photographer is a bride’s delight

I met Jay when he was just one wedding old, however, he was an obvious choice once I met him and went through his work. I think Jay as a photographer is a bride’s delight. He has it in him to up the ante when it comes to photographing women. I guess that comes to him naturally since he is an ex-fashion photographer. One of the vivid memories I have of him, is him climbing almost on my shoulders to grab a shot. The end result was a super candid shot that has made it to his cover on this particular profile. The other thing that my family and I did appreciate was the fact that he represented each and every member of my immediate as well as my extended family to the fullest allowing each and every 1 in the wedding to have at least one memorable shot to take home with them. This is very important because in between all the candid shots that photographers take these days, they miss out on people which are truly the most vital cog in the event. To add to this the video that he made was truly the “highlight”, pun intended. He collaborated well with me and my now wife to create a masterpiece that is for all to see. All in all thank you, Jay, for making my wife look even more gorgeous than she already is and for capturing the true essence of what my wedding was all about in addition to creating memories for me and my family to cherish for a lifetime. If you as a prospective client are reading this testimony, be rest assured and hand your photography woes to this guy so that you have one less thing to worry about on your “D DAY”.


Praises to his young and dedicated team

To begin with, Jay is an amazing guy to work with. Very professional and very straightforward, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He sat me down and asked me to trust him to take care of the whole thing and I’m glad I listened. The pre-wedding shoot was his idea although we initially didn’t plan on doing it. I’m glad I decided to do it for my now wife, as we have certainly gained some of the most beautiful images of our young selves. I’m a bit of an image maker myself and I remember being amazed by his skill and knowledge of photography. It was interesting to see him shoot us against the light instead of in front of it and when I saw the results I had a grin on my face. We showed the images to my mom the same night and I remember how happy she was to see them. I also want to give praises to his young and dedicated team with whom it was very comfortable and easy to shoot. All of my wedding events we covered very thoroughly and more importantly each member of my family has lots of pictures of themselves from the wedding. The wedding videos were amazing as well. Overall, we are all very happy with the output and I highly recommend Jay to those wanting to work with him.


Jay was patient and cooperative

I’m somebody who is very particular and specific about what I want and I make sure I get the very best. I came across Jay’s photography website on a popular wedding portal and was immediately drawn to his work. The videos and pictures captured candid moments beautifully. I got in touch with email and later had a skype call to discuss the wedding. As a professional, Jay was patient and cooperative. It was easy to communicate with him and was very responsive. I’m glad I choose his company from all the dozens I considered. Although I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the final output, go back and forth between my requirements and the intermediate results, it was worth it. Jay made sure I got the results I expected and he maintains a very high standard of picture quality, video quality, and customer satisfaction. I absolutely adore my wedding images and videos. As I told him before, he charges much lesser than he should. I highly recommend him for those who understand the lasting value of wedding images and films.


One helluva photographer

A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. And for making it memorable you need one helluva photographer!! And that was Jay for me! I couldn’t have expected for anything more beautiful than what he has captured through his lens. He not only understood how I wanted it to be but actually exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Jay to anyone with a blink of an eye… Keep shooting and create more memories, Jay!


Creative shot ideas

Jay has been absolutely fantastic during our entire pre-wedding shoot. We were especially impressed with his creative shot ideas and his attitude of not settling for anything below the perfect shot. It’s been a pleasure and we would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a young, dynamic photographer to cover their wedding event.


Unbelievably beautiful images

I can only repeat what others have said to me when they recommended you. Amazingly talented. Extremely professional. Easy to work with. You guys have exceeded all our expectations. I am more than happy to recommend you. A million thanks for all the unbelievably beautiful images and mind-blowing films you guys made for us.


Amazing photography skills

Jay’s been an absolute pleasure to work with during our pre-wedding shoot. Amazing photography skills combined with patience to capture that perfect shot. If I had to do it again, it would most definitely be Flgroe again. Cheers!



Exceeded all our expectations

I appreciate all the things you guys had done over and above what we expected to make us feel so special. I would highly recommend anyone to blindly trust you guys. Exceeded all our expectations.


Love every single image

We simply can’t thank you guys enough for capturing the wedding so beautifully. We love every single image and the awesome videos we just can’t stop watching.