Photography Workshops


Meet up at the Gateway of India and shoot around the city.

Photographers know that images are made with equipment, light and a subject. Seasoned photographers know that this isn’t the whole picture. And that things start to get a lot more challenging when you are shooting outdoors.

What to do when the light is fading, there are too many people in your frame, the hair-and-makeup overshot the time limit…

The workshop intends to demonstrate how to overcome the common challenges we face while shooting outdoors, that keep us from getting the best photos. Tips and tricks on how to turn a bad situation into an advantage! Because when you are on the shoot you have no choice but to make-it-work!

The workshop will be for a small group for a total of 15 hours and we will pause for two small breaks. We will work on how to find the right light and utilize it, make the most of the given time, find moments, shoot for a story, and create meaningful images for your clients.

Participants must bring their own cameras and batteries. There is no need for high-end equipment. Prior knowledge is assumed with regards to how to use your camera and lenses, how to shoot manual and raw, the basics about camera modes, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc.

If you are interested in participation please mail us some samples of your photography with the words “Photography Workshop” in the subject line. Price on request.