Show off your love to the world.

The newest addition to our portfolio is also the most fun!

Pre-wedding photo shoots are definitely an opportunity for couples to indulge in their vanity, have fun, and get some beautiful pictures clicked in an informal setup. If you like fun or drama, we’re game. If private and intimate photography is your style, we love you too. Doing the things you love with the love of your life and having it documented by a professional wedding photographer is how we think every wedding story should begin!

At Flgroe, we approach our pre-wedding photography with the objective of taking images make the couple look their fabulous best that they’d love to show to friends and family to celebrate their young love. You can find out what is a pre-wedding shoot and our packages by contacting us. We can brainstorm over locationsthemes, and poses. For the couple, this is often a way to announce their love to the world, for us it’s another way of telling your story tastefully.

The most important factor to get the best pictures is to just have a whole lot of fun on the day and let the candid nature of the moments be captured by a pro in a beautiful location, wearing nice clothes, and feeling fabulous. We endeavor to make images that will be forever special and hopefully make them go gooey for one another throughout their married life.

wedding photography.

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.