The Little Black Book of Pre Wedding Poses

Posing is the part couples say they feared the most going for a pre wedding photoshoot. You will quickly forget your fears as you enjoy the experience with us. We guide you as to what will look good, not straying too far from your comfort zone. We believe in keeping the posing classy and sophisticated. It should really be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Having said that, you could use our little black book of poses to brush up a bit!


  1. Pre Wedding Poses: The one where they are forehead-to-forehead with arms around each otherpre wedding poses

  2. The one where he’s watching her twirlboy watching girl twirl pre wedding pose

  3. The one where he is kissing her handboy kissing girls hand kneeling at the beach pre wedding pose

  4. The one where she’s standing on his toesgirl standing on boys feet pre wedding pose

  5. The one where they are walking away holding handscouple walking away holding hands pre wedding pose

  6. Pre Wedding Poses: The one where he dips her lowboy dips the girl pre wedding shoot pose

  7. The one where he’s kissing her neckboy kissing girl neck pre wedding shoot pose

  8. The low angle hand-holding ring shotlow angle ring shot pre wedding shoot pose

  9. The one where they’re both under her dupattah

    boy and girl under dupatta pre wedding shoot pose

  10. Pre Wedding Poses: The one with her head on his shouldergirl head on shoulder closeup pre wedding shoot pose

  11. The one where they jump into the poolpre wedding shoot pose couple jumping into pool

  12. The one where she’s cuddled in his lapgirl sitting in boys lap pose

  13. The one where they are lying on the floor kissinglying on floor kissing pose

  14. The one where he’s holding her head and looking into her eyesholding head eye contact pose

  15. Pre Wedding Poses: The one where he’s lifting her in his armsboy holding girl in arms pose

  16. The one where they are hugging from the backhugging back pose

  17. Pre Wedding Poses: The one where she’s in his arms laughingholding and laughing pose

  18. The one where they are holding hands outstretchedholding hands outstretched arms pose

  19. The one where she’s pulling his cheeksgirl pulling boys cheek pose

  20. The one where they are doing the ballroom twirlballroom twirl pose


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