The Little Black Book of Pre Wedding Poses

Posing is the part couples say they feared the most going for a pre wedding photoshoot. You will quickly forget your fears as you enjoy the experience with us. We guide you as to what will look good, not straying too far from your comfort zone. We believe in keeping the posing classy and sophisticated. It should really be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Having said that, you could use our little black book of poses to brush up a bit!


  1. Pre Wedding Poses: The 4-in-1 collage one

    This pose is best executed against a distraction free, solid background. There is not much planning necessary just try to have fun while the photographer shoots away! Try to coordinate the colors of the background, your clothes and the props you use.

  2. The one where they are forehead-to-forehead with arms around each other

    Isn’t this one simply so cute? We just love how it brings out the natural smiles on the couple’s faces. Notice how the falling confetti adds a dream-like effect to the entire mood. Once again, a distraction free background keeps the focus just on the two of you.

    pre wedding poses

  3. The one where he’s watching her twirl

    Some Bollywood theatrics never hurt nobody. The girl does all the hard work while the boy leans back and enjoys the show! See also 14.

    boy watching girl twirl pre wedding pose

  4. The one where he is kissing her hand

    A proposal on the beach? Yes please! And this shot to remember it forever afterwards. Be warned that you will have to get there pretty early in the day to not have people walking into your frame, or worse, standing around you watching!

    boy kissing girls hand kneeling at the beach pre wedding pose

  5. The one where she’s standing on his toes

    We focus only on the legs to avoid showing the pain on the guy’s face. Kidding! Some things are best left to imagination!

    girl standing on boys feet pre wedding pose

  6. The reflection in the mirror one

    You are badass and you know it, now you just have to show it. A game of light, shadows and reflections.

  7. The one where they are walking away holding hands

    It’s just the two of you against them all. Walking away into the night without a care in the world. If the night were this beautiful so would we!

    couple walking away holding hands pre wedding pose

  8. The one where he’s kissing her neck

    If he is significantly taller than her this one can bring the difference down for just a little while! Super cute too.

    boy kissing girl neck pre wedding shoot pose

  9. The low angle hand-holding ring shot

    Another great idea for the engagement series. You could count the diamonds in that ring. Go ahead, try.

    low angle ring shot pre wedding shoot pose

  10. The one where they’re both under her dupattah

    Ah, some filmipanaa once again. What would you do if you were at Sambhar lake and the sun was setting behind you?

    boy and girl under dupatta pre wedding shoot pose

  11. The one where they jump into the pool

    You only have one shot to get this right before you are soaking wet and the makeup is running off! Use it wisely.

    pre wedding shoot pose couple jumping into pool

  12. The one where she’s cuddled in his lap

    You and me in a vast grassy field with nothing but the soft pouring sunlight and a gentle breeze… you are imagining yourself there now, aren’t you?

    girl sitting in boys lap pose

  13. The one where they are lying on the floor

    Fall in love. Then stay there.

    lying on floor kissing pose

  14. Pre Wedding Poses: The one where he’s lifting her in his arms

    The Bollywood duo is back again. This time he’s doing the hard work. Why should boys have all the fun?

    boy holding girl in arms pose

  15. The one where she’s pulling his cheeks

    She’s the bride and this is her turf, you play along like the good future husband you are going to be.

    girl pulling boys cheek pose

  16. The one where they are doing the ballroom twirl

    There’s something so innocent about this, no?

    ballroom twirl pose


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