Love You To The Beach And Back!

November 9, 2019

A Pre Wedding Shoot at Mumbai’s Versova Beach

A while back we decided to shoot at the Versova beach. After convening outside a cafe at 5 AM, we wasted no time in getting our feet wet – quite literally. Finding a clean spot on Versova beach is challenging and we had only one option – shooting right at the edge of the water where there was *almost* no trash.

Our couple was such a good sport – not only were they enthusiastic but they also had a super cute chemistry! As the sun was yet to come up, we started with some silhouette shots using an off-camera flash.



As the day started to break, we had less than an hour to get a few more shots before the crowds started to pour in and we had to return to the studio. It was a Sunday morning after all, and Versova beach is really popular with local residents.


morning pre wedding shoot at versova beach


Soon enough, morning joggers were out and about. Some families started trickling in too. But everyone was going about their business and we were undisturbed. It is really important that the couple remains comfortable.



See what we said about the chemistry?



At dawn, the sea is a muted grey, which together with the blush in their outfits looked really pretty in a subtle way. The sun was still rising behind the buildings and the rays hadn’t hit us.


versova beach couple shoot


Few more shots and we were done here! Mornings like these make the 4 AM alarms so worth it. Would we do it again? Of course! Versova beach is a gem right in our backyard, easily accessible, with fewer crowds than other city beaches, and serene.