What it’s like to shoot weddings

January 1, 2019

Shooting weddings is a very personal experience. Yes, you get paid, but that is hardly ever any real inspiration beyond a point to a serious photographer or film-maker.

The inspiration is that of ‘love’. The opportunity to capture the story of two very young people in love deciding to make that unbelievably bold move of living with each-other day-in-day-out, come what may.
That’s huge.

Weddings are huge cross-road events. The story is unique and interesting to me as an artist every single time. Two people. Two backgrounds. Two very varied set of affecting parameters each time. It’s beautiful and emotionally draining every single time. The more this fact dawns on me the more I realize I have an obligation and responsibility to produce quality craftsmanship.

I’m yet to meet a bride who hasn’t, as I see through my lens, go through a gigantic roller-coaster ride of emotions. Its an incredibly delicate responsibility to shoot that for keep’s sake cause you are the professional entrusted to document that. To visually document that given time in the lives of all the people involved.
Of parents who are getting their child married.
Of siblings who are aware of what that entails.
Of the couple now-so-in-love.

Here is a small toast to all the beautiful people I had the opportunity to shoot over the course of the last 5 years. Salute.



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